Find your Passion, Pursue It, Achieve It

Recently, I’ve been watching Casey Neistat’s vlogs. Casey is a filmmaker/ entrepreneur, and makes daily vlogs on Youtube. His videos are very popular. Given that I enjoy watching those types of videos, I decided I would start watching his. His combined use and skill of cinematography and character really gives a uniqueness to his videos. … More Find your Passion, Pursue It, Achieve It

Recent Discovery of Gravitational Waves; Einsteins Theory 

As you may, or may not, have heard in the news recently, scientists have recorded the first direct evidence of gravitational waves in space, proving Einstein’s theory. The recording captured two black holes colliding nearly one billion light years away. The recording can be here in the link I’ll post at the end. This is … More Recent Discovery of Gravitational Waves; Einsteins Theory 

Metallica & Me

If you know me, you know I love Metallica. Absolutely love them. I love the music, I love all the members, and I love what they stand for. They were the first heavy metal band I ever listened to, hearing “One” on Guitar Hero III back in 6th grade. To me, Metallica is more than … More Metallica & Me

The Band Project

So, long story short, I auditioned for a band to play guitar, got accepted, decided I wanted to play drums instead, and now am recording an album with the band on drums. It’s funny how things happen. We are in the process of recording a 12-track LP right now. This is the first time I’ve … More The Band Project

“The Astonishing” – Reaction and Impression

One of my favorite bands, Dream Theater, released their 13th studio album today, “The Astonishing”. Before I go into my thoughts on the album, I feel I should give you a little background on the concept, as it is very unique. Dream Theater are a progressive rock band, meaning they often explore more intricate instrumentation, key … More “The Astonishing” – Reaction and Impression