“The Future of our Country”

In this blog I’m going to talk about a recent encounter between myself and my father. This past week we had been working on some landscaping around the house. We ordered more mulch to lay around the house, and were also trimming the bushes around the house. At the time of this event we were in the back yard, cutting down some shrubs that we no longer wanted in the yard. My dad was cutting the shrub up and tossing the pieces into a bucket, with which I would take to the woods in the back to dump when it got full. While he was cutting up the shrub, I was sitting on the deck drinking some water and cooling off. It’s been mid-80s all week in Mid-Michigan. As the setting above is playing out, our neighbor Tom came outside as well. As he walked out he looked at me and my father, and said “hey man what’re you doin? Don’t you have work to do?”. It was clearly in a joking manner, but that’s not the part I want to talk about. My father then responded by laughing and saying, “That’s the future of our country, Tom”. They both laughed and we went back to what we were doing. Now, I get all of this was good fun and just joking around. But there was just something about how my dad said what he said, and it got me thinking.

The modern working man has always been depicted and seen as the blue-collar guy that goes to work for 8 hours a day, does the hard work around the house, and provides for the family. It’s been like that ever since people started living in suburbs and cities back in the 1800s. The male has always been the provider for his family/group. That concept has been present in human life on earth for centuries. Emperors, kings, pharaohs, monarchs, dictators, presidents, etc, have mostly been (for the most part, there are exceptions of course) led by males. We live in a time now, in 2016, where that concept is starting to change. This movement has been on the verge for a while now, and it’s begun to unfold. Now is the day and age were men and women are more equal than ever. Of course, that equality is still being fought for, and has been for some time. Males are no longer the only hard workers in society. The modern world is full or hard working, innovative and exciting people, both male and female. The terms “hard worker” are beginning to take on a new shape. No longer are hard workers defined by just those who do the blue-collar jobs of the past. I think our parents generation and generations before them can’t entirely grasp that idea. Or maybe they can. Maybe what I’m saying isn’t really true at all. Who knows.

What I do know is that the world is filled with amazing, creative people that can and want to make this floating sphere of water/rock that we call home, suitable for humans for generations to come. So, the “Future of our Country” is looking pretty good to me.


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