A System Based off Letters

Why does our education system make students learn pointless exercises in class, and then test them on those pointless exercises?  There’s no real world application to any of these things that American schools make students do in the classroom. Students have been programmed to complete these tasks just to receive that “A” on their paper, because that “A” symbolizes a passing effort on the assignment. When students do their homework, they’re not doing it because they want to, they’re doing it to earn that “A” and get a good grade; “good” being whatever the instructor determines it to be. Our whole education system is based off of this. It’s what determines what college we can go to, or what level of education we can get, or what kind of job we can get. All based off of that “A” on the paper. You see, when we program students this way, we exterminate the desire to actually learn. No longer do students want to learn about math, or science or history. They want to get the A and move on. I’m a victim of this. I hate math. I’ve never been exceptionally skilled at it. But I think the main reason as to why I hate it is because of the way it’s presented to us. It’s dry. It’s boring. It’s useless. Sure, you can hand a student a worksheet for them to complete, and they can complete it. But of what value to the student does that actually hold? All the student gets in return is a letter grade telling them whether they understand the topic or not. For me that’s no way for someone to learn. Constant failure will not encourage learning, only discourage it. Classrooms need to encourage students to learn, and by doing so making the topic interesting. Trust me, if a student doesn’t want to learn the topic, they won’t. Our educational system needs to encourage learning. Whatever that may be; allowing assignments to be re-done, creating fun group projects in class that incorporate the topic, etc. Our schools should move away from the “lecture, worksheet, exam, repeat” cycle. It’s boring! Schooling should be fun, and at the same time, informative. I agree that the only way to learn is through failure, but those temporary failures should not decide whether or not you graduate high-school or college or anything of the sort. The thing with failure is that you can learn from it, if given the chance. I think if this is implemented in schools, our education system will become a more inviting place. Everyone has the ability to be great, we just have to give them the chance.


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