What is Love? (Pun Intended)

What is love? What does being in love with someone actually mean? Is it what we feel when we look at the other person? Is it how we act around them? I think the meaning behind love is often misconstrued in society. The idea of love dates back to the beginnings of mankind. For thousands of years, humans and animals have mated and loved. Love is everywhere in our world, it always has been. Today all we see on magazines is the latest celebrity relationship news and stories. The idea of love has been harvested and used by modern day companies to hook consumers on their product. But I want to go further than this, I want to talk about why love is to prevalent in our world today, and what it actually means to love. These are my own personal opinions, of course.

Like I said, love is everywhere. We even have a holiday for it. So, what is it? As I wrote this, I went and googled the word “love”. This is what I got: “a feeling of strong or constant affection for a person” (Merriam-Webster dictionary). Some other definitions I found included romantic desires, etc. I’d say that’s fairly accurate, to an extent. I don’t think love has a finite definition. Love can apply to anything, not just another person. For example, I often use the word “love’ as the highest level of happiness I get from something. That could be food, or a certain song I really like; it could be anything. I love pizza. I love playing music. I love writing this blog. I think from a personal standpoint, love can have a similar meaning. For me, loving someone means a few things. It means 1) I am 100% comfortable being around them all the time, and enjoy their company, 2) I enjoy their personality, and 3) They are overall just somebody I want to spend time with. To love someone, you should love being around them! Love isn’t about someone’s looks or their wealth. Loving goes beyond tangibility. Some people say that you can only truly love one person in your life. I don’t really like or agree with that statement. To say you love someone doesn’t restrict your ability to love someone else. People change. Feelings change. I’ve been there, done that. I know what it feels like. That’s what I find fascinating about love. It can build us up, and break us down. But, in the end it can ultimately reveal more about ourselves to us than we ever though imaginable. I’ve learned so much about myself through love. I believe the path to success and prosperity is not an easy path. There is supposed to be bumps in the road, and they may set us back temporarily, but they will make us stronger in the end. Love is a tricky thing sometimes.



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