Being “Healthy” and Exercising

Today I decided that I am going to start running on a consistent basis. Nothing super intense, just enough to have a daily exercise routine. This morning I exercised for 30 minutes; running 20 minutes with a 5 minute warm-up/cool-down at the beginning/end. I decided that it’s probably time to get my body back into decent shape. I kind of slacked off on that since the end of soccer season last fall. I didn’t gain a whole lot of weight, but the difference is notable. That, to me, is reason enough to start exercising again. It’s important for your body to be clean and healthy, and I don’t just mean clean on the outside. Eating healthy, exercising, and treating your body right are all important in living a sustainable life. To me being healthy is how you feel about yourself. Are you content? Do you feel healthy? Last night, I ate some food around midnight, and felt crappy afterwards. I didn’t need to eat, I wasn’t hungry, but I did anyways. Eating late, staying up late, and sleep deprivation are all factors into being unhealthy for me. So, I’m going to start living healthy.  I think the word “healthy” can mean different things for different people, because it’s how you feel, not what someone else tells you. All we see today in newspapers and magazines are ads for “diets to live a healthy life” and others things like that. Now, those diets probably do work, I’m not knocking them. But to me being healthy isn’t following a diet that removes certain foods and other things from your life, in order to live “healthy”. Being healthy should allow you to do all of the things you love, while at the same time feeling great. So whatever it takes for you to feel that way should be what you do to be healthy. For me, it’s exercise (usually running). I always feel better after a workout. There’s no better feeling than accomplishing your goals after a run. Today was all about getting back into it for me, and I accomplished that. I feel great. Now I’m off to classes and to start the week.

Happy Monday!



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