Why Do We Do What We Do?

Have you ever stopped and just thought about why we, as humans, act the way we do? No? It’s okay, I didn’t expect you to. Why do we perceive certain body types as more attractive than others? Why do we like certain music? Why do we buy certain things? I’ve always found the nature of human behavior particularly interesting. Sometimes you get caught up in the everyday activities that you don’t even realize why you’re doing it. Why do we check our cell phones all the time? I do this all the time, for sure. I’ll be scrolling through Twitter, or Facebook, and then I’ll close my phone, put it down, then instantly pick it back up and recheck those sites. Why do I do that? Why do other people do that? There’s something about it, the excitement of updating your social status, seeing what others are doing. Being able to always be in contact with people all over the world is enticing.

Another thing about human behavior that stands out to me is our willingness to create ridiculous stereotypes upon a group of people. It’s happened all throughout time. Gay rights is a huge topic in the United States right now. I don’t know why it is even a problem. If you’re gay, be gay. Why does it matter? People’s sexual orientations shouldn’t dictate their ability to lead a normal life. The same goes for race. Racism against all races is still a huge problem in today’s world. One example could be how people commonly associate middle-eastern people with being terrorists. The public are fast to associate stereotypes on a whole race based off one small group of people.

Our society is based off of living fast. We have almost instant access to cheap, tasty food. We have access to millions of website articles, and information at our fingertips. We crave products that make us stay awake longer. We often get fed up with others when they take “too long” to do something. I highlight “too long” because the definition of that can vary, haha. Think about it. You’re at a busy restaurant. You order your food. It’s been 30 minutes. You think to yourself, “Man, where the hell is the waiter with our food? The service here is horrible”. I know I do this all the time. We want our food as soon as we can possibly get it.

Just some interesting food for thought I was thinking about earlier. Feel free to state your opinion!



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