Metallica & Me

If you know me, you know I love Metallica. Absolutely love them. I love the music, I love all the members, and I love what they stand for. They were the first heavy metal band I ever listened to, hearing “One” on Guitar Hero III back in 6th grade. To me, Metallica is more than just a heavy metal band that makes music, it’s a lifestyle to me. The word “Metallica” would perfectly describe me, haha. They’re the band that got me into heavy music, although I’m sure at some point I would’ve gotten into it, sooner or later. I can always go back and listen to Metallica and be completely satisfied. They’re just so different from every other band out there today. They stay true to their roots, and play music the way they want to. There’s something about their sound that I love too. Even with their most recent stuff, it still sounds organic and real, unlike a lot of music today that has a very over-produced feel to it.

I watch a lot of videos of Metallica performing shows and that sort of stuff. When I watch these videos, I see tons of comments of people complaining, saying things like, “Oh they’re so old, they’ll never be the same, old Metallica is better”, and I hate it! When you’re around for 34 years making music, obviously you’ll change. You’ll want to explore new things, try new styles. Sure, they are older now, being in their 50s, but they still sell out shows all over the world, and play the same, heavy music that we love. People need to stop and realize that we are watching history being made when we watch Metallica these days, and enjoy it while they’re still here. I know I’ve expressed my love for Metallica and what they mean to me in a previous post, but this was on my mind following the Night Before  concert last night that I watched.

I just find it so awesome to see people at the age they’re at, to be doing the same thing they were doing 34 years ago, and still loving it as much. The new record is going to be amazing.

Thanks for reading this, I really do appreciate it! 🙂



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