Football Predictions

So the Super Bowl is coming up fast, and after this weekend we will know who will be playing in it. On the AFC side, we have the New England Patriots vs. the Denver Broncos, and on the NFC side, we have the Arizona Cardinals vs. the Carolina Panthers.

In the only previous meeting between the Patriots and Broncos this season, Denver handed New England its first loss of the season with a win in overtime. That was a very well contested game, which could have gone either way. However, that was seven weeks ago. In that seven week span, both teams sort of dulled down offensively, as New England suffered injuries to Gronkowski, Edelman, and other important players. Denver has been playing without Peyton Manning until last week. The Broncos narrowly escaped with a win against a banged up Steelers team last week in the divisional playoff, while New England returned to its regular self, dominating the Chiefs. For this reason I believe New England will advance to the Super Bowl for a consecutive season.

The NFC championship game feels a little more lop-sided to me. The Cardinals almost gave the game away to the Packers last week, and with the help of the veteran Larry Fitzgerald they were able to win in overtime. Carolina has been a dominant force all season, only losing 1 game to the Giants with a last second field goal. Normally, I would pick the underdog in this situation. I personally don’t care for Cam Newton. But, there’s no way I see the Cardinals beating Carolina in this game. Carolina is very sound offensively and defensively, and will greatly outmatch Arizona. Now, if Carson Palmer and Larry Fitzgerald combine for great performances, along with some other players, the Cardinals may pull off the upset. The Cardinals have played very good this season, going 13-3. I just don’t see them beating Carolina. Maybe with a miracle.

That brings us to the Super Bowl. New England vs. Carolina. Honestly, this game could go either way. Tom Brady is arguably one of the greatest quarterbacks to play, and Cam  Newton has had a record-breaking season. Both teams have great players and defenses. I would personally love to see New England win again, especially with all of the controversy regarding Tom Brady over this past off-season. I think I’ll save the Super Bowl prediction for a later date when we know who will be playing.

Anyways, those are my predictions: Patriots vs. Panthers. What do you think? Post a comment if you’d like! 🙂

Thanks for reading! 🙂



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