Metallica, France, and Inspiration

There has been a lot of headlines in the rock industry thus far into 2016. Icons have passed, new and upcoming bands have emerged, and some of the industry’s standard bands have remained consistent in their presence. There are a few things that particularly spark my interest.

The biggest, of course, being the heavily-anticipated release of Metallica’s follow-up to 2008’s “Death Magnetic”. I personally really want to see Metallica return to their roots, back to the old days of fast, aggressive, melodic music (think ‘And Justice for All’ or ‘Master of Puppets’). They started to go back to that place in ‘Death Magnetic’ which was awesome, for a die-hard fan like me. The new album is expected to release sometime in late 2016. Metallica are such a huge influence in my life, if not, the biggest influence in who I am and who I want to be. They went from being on top of the world, to almost breaking up, and then to becoming better and stronger than ever. That, to me, is what I love about them; their ability to unite under one common goal, one common concept: to make music. I think that can also describe why I like music, because it unites people. People all over the world listen to Metallica. It’s a household name. And they achieved this by doing what they love. And even if they didn’t achieve this amount of success, I think they would still be a band and be making music.

This past year our school hosted a music conservatory from Lyon, France. Our director and theirs are good friends, so our schools exchange visits every few years. This past year, I got to be a part of the French visit, and it was truly eye opening. Most of the students did not speak a word of English, and vice versa for us. But there was one language we both spoke, and that was music. Myself and my friend Antonio got to perform a percussion piece entitled “24 Loops” along with two other of the conservatory’s top percussionists (I’ll post a link of the original video below, very cool). Antonio and I did not perform the entire song, as it gets very complex. To be able to play the piece with them was amazing and inspiring.

That’s what inspires me.

Do what you love, and no matter what others say, no matter what others may think, continue to do so; because when it’s all said and done, you will have been happy, and that’s what matters.


24 Loops Video:


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